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It all started when the question was asked, “If a guitar and a snare drum got married, what would the child look like”? The answer? A banjo. That led to the purchase of a beginner banjo to be used in a Young Audiences of Houston “edutainment” program titled “Drum and Strum”.

This eventually led to the concept of a new program titled “Jojo Git Your Banjo” which involved playing original music on three types of banjos and sharing the historical context during the development of this unique instrument.

The banjo originated in one form or another from West Africa as a stringed gourd instrument brought to America via the slave ships. It then morphed into the old time open back banjo and eventually into the familiar bluegrass resonator banjo.

After an extensive internet search, Jawad stumbled upon a gourd banjo makers yahoo group. This led him to DavidHyatt.com. David’s site displayed several unusual and beautifully crafted gourd banjos made by him and his students. He taught a gourd banjo making class at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountainview, Ark.

Jawad attended the class and after a week of intensive labor, He was the proud owner of a handmade gourd banjo. Within three weeks he had written and successfully performed his first song on that banjo in front of an audience of at least 800 people. It was a call and response sing-a-long titled “Git Back Giddy Up”. He was asked to perform that song live in Houston, Tx. on the KUHF public radio program “The Front Row” and subsequently it was chosen among other recordings to be included in a fundraising compilation CD. Now available for your listening pleasure.

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